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See Video of Dramatic Chopper Rescue of Linville Gorge Climber Yesterday, Falls While Rappelling

By Jesse Wood

March 11, 2014. Yesterday afternoon, members of the National Guard utilizing a Blackhawk chopper rescued a 23-year-old climber who fell 20 to 40 feet while rappelling on the face of Shortoff Mountain in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, according to WSOC-TV, which had its own helicopter on the scene filming the dramatic rescue.

Read the account of the rescue below from WSOCTV.com or watch the video above:

“A National Guard crew member dropped down from the helicopter and after fighting the winds the rescuer was able to meet emergency crews already clinging to the mountainside to help.

After dangling near the side, he was planted on the steep ledge. Crews worked to open up the backboard and secure the climber. Then, another rescuer swung in fighting the wind and when three rescuers got the ropes in place, they prepared to lift the climber to the helicopter. After the successful effort, two other crew members were pulled up to the chopper.”

The report indicated that the Blackhawk chopper flew to a landing zone where a medical helicopter was waiting to take the hiker to an Asheville hospital. For more info, click to WSOCTV.com