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Dr. Bacon Returns to Boone for One Night Only with Arson Daily

This year Earth Day marks the long awaited return of Dr. Bacon to the High Country. The group will be coming back to Boone this Saturday by for a one night stand at The Local. Arson Daily, another local favorite will kick off the night. Doors open at 9 p.m. to anyone over 21 with a mind to dance and 5 bucks for the cover.  

Arson Daily fans in Boone will certainly want to catch this one as Arson shows have become sparse in the High Country as they, like Dr. Bacon before them, expand their influence out from Boone and across the region.   

Photo by Kendall Atwater

“We’ve only played twice this semester,” says lead singer and guitarist Zach Dunham. “We played at Legends both times.”

Arson Daily is also currently working on a new EP to showcase their evolving sound, which remains exciting, funky and danceable, but has taken on heavier elements.

Before their show at the Local Saturday night, Arson Daily will be in Carrboro on Friday night headlining a show at Cat’s Cradle with The Remarks and Secretary Pool.    

In the near future, Arson Daily plans to enter the band competition at the Shakori Hills festival this year. The competition takes place on Saturday morning, and the winner gets a spot in the festival on Sunday.

Arson Daily at Legends

“That’s how Dr. Bacon got into Shakori,” says Arson Daily drummer Adam McLean.

“That’s how we did it,” says Michael Crawford, manager and harmonica player for Dr. Bacon. “We just showed up and entered the contest. We got that Sunday slot, and we did really well with it. And they invited us to perform the next year, like an actual set. And from there we’ve just been putting on more and more ridiculous shows and always doing something really special and unique for those sets.”

Piling on the similarities, both Dr. Bacon and Arson Daily, who each originated in Boone and are involved or became involved with Shakori via the band competition, are each recording here in Boone at Wet Bandit Studios.

Standing outside that studio, Michael Crawford, who has managed Dr. Bacon from its humble beginnings with a weekly spot at Char to its regional success, boasting prime festival appearances at Shakori and The Big What?, mused about Dr. Bacon’s approach to genre and their feelings about returning home to Boone.     

“There really shouldn’t be any limitations on genre, says Crawford. “You should be able to blend elements from different genres together throughout the set, even within songs. It should just fit the personality of the band.”

“I think the name of the band really gives you the right idea,” says Crawford trying to pinpoint the personality of Dr. Bacon. “Like when you think of bacon it’s like this sweet, salty, savory thing that goes with everything. It just allows flavors to come together.”

Clearly, Dr. Bacon has come a long way from Boone; however, much of the band’s heart remains in the High Country.

“We’ve definitely missed Boone. It was our home for so long, and it just has such a cool vibe and personality. Some of the best songs we’ve written were written here. It’s cool to come back to the source of a lot of the inspiration for these songs.”

In addition to the Local show this Saturday, Boonies will be interested to know that they can catch Dr. Bacon in Raleigh next Friday April 28 at the Lincoln Theatre with another Boone favorite, The Mantras.