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Early Saturday Gathering in Downtown Boone Supports Women’s March on Washington

Women’s March on Washington is happening Saturday, Jan. 21.

Around the country and the world hundreds of sister marches and other gatherings of support and solidarity for the Women’s March on Washington are simultaneously occurring, including one in West Jefferson.

In downtown Boone, a gathering is scheduled at the Jones House Community Center lawn on Saturday, Jan. 21 from 11 to 12 a.m. Gatherers plan to assemble 15 minutes prior to begin a time of reflection and solidarity.

“The rhetoric of the past several months has been demeaning and threatening. It’s time to stand together, to show our strength and determination to bring justice, protection, and security to all women, their families and everyone else who shares this planet,” organizer Marg McKinney said in a statement. “Please honor the peace of this assembly. It’s a counterbalance to the harshness we’ve all experienced lately and honors the feelings of those among us who want to stand for justice but are uncomfortable in the noise of demonstrations or marches.”

Participants are encouraged to bring drums and signs to be “part of the beat” and to express “hopes” for the future of the country. They are also encouraged to “avoid Donald Trump’s name and negativism” throughout the scheduled gathering.

For more information contact McKinney at mckinnymj@yahoo.com or by calling 828-264-4310. The voicemail is in Italian, but McKinney said to reply in English.