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Downtown Boone Development Association Working on New Branding Campaigns and Ideas to Bring Visitors to Downtown

These earlier designs were considered by the Downtown Boone Development Association. The “Free to Be” was changed to “Live It Up” in the final board vote.

By Nathan Ham

The Downtown Boone Development Association held their first board meeting of 2019 and highlighted a few items to consider for marketing and branding for downtown Boone.

Some of the items discussed were very broad, however the board did unanimously approve a new tag line for their branding project, “Elevation 3333, Live it Up.”

Local company Destination by Design is working on the new design for the marketing campaign.

As for the ideas of bringing people to downtown, those will take a little more refining to nail down plans for those events.

“When they talked at the budget retreat, there was a reference to something like Blowing Rock WinterFest and potentially having something similar in a typically off time in downtown to try and bring people in,” said Lane Weiss, the Downtown Development Coordinator for the Town of Boone. “We didn’t get into a lot of details about what exactly we were thinking. There were a lot of ideas thrown out that we will tighten up over the next few months to see what we can do.”

Weiss also said that the board plans on continuing their commitment to children and family-friendly programming downtown as well as the possibility of interactive art programs. The board spoke up in favor of some sidewalk upgrades in downtown Boone and looking into adding larger festival-type events.