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Despite Heavy Rains and Flooding, Saturday’s Watauga County Community Plant Sale Was A Huge Success

2019 Watauga County Plant Sale, 7:39 a.m.

By Tzar Wilkerson

The Community Plant Sale began at 7 a.m., on a particularly stormy Saturday morning, with hundreds of undeterred plant fanatics in attendance. Jerry Williamson, an organizer for the sale, described the crowd: “Despite flood conditions, hundreds of people showed up and were cheerful, in a good mood, with water streaming down their faces. So despite everything, it was a successful day.” Indeed, judging from the photos of participants, everyone in attendance was enjoying themselves to the fullest!

Williamson joked about the rainy event “I’m now calling it ‘Yard Bird’s Mud-Stomp and Community Plant Sale.’ Our yard is, in fact, tapioca pudding now, it’s an incredible mess, but it will recover and we are not concerned.” The nickname seems appropriate, given the torrential rains that hit the high country over the weekend.

Although the plant sale went very well, there are still left-over plants to be sold, so be sure to come by between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. this week if you’re interested in buying – the remaining plants will be composted this Saturday, June 15.

Williamson had this to say to everyone who came out in Saturday’s turbulent weather “Big thanks to all the volunteers. And, in a way, all the people who came and bought plants are volunteers too – especially on a day like that. It was amazing.”

Jerry Williamson blows a whisle at precisely 7:00 AM to start the 2019 Watauga County Community Plant Sale.
Watauga County Democratic Party Plant Sale
Ada Webster was one of a dozen or more cashiers for the 2019 Watauga County Plant Sale
Cars lined the streets for the 2019 Watauga County Community Plant Sale
2019 Watauga County Community Plant Sale
Boone Town Council and Boone Mayor Pro-tem Loretta Clawson is a Watauga County Community Plant Sale Greeter.
Pam Williamson earns her political power from hard work, huge contribution of volunteerism, researching candidates, issues and activism. Pam and Jerry Williamson literally give up their personal space and donate their home and garden for months to host the Watauga County Plant Sale which is a fundraiser for the Watauga Democratic Party.
The Bubbleman ( Kinney Baughman ) added charm and extra smiles to the Watauga County Community Party Plant Sale.