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Dec. 13 Planning Meeting Covers New Farm Bureau Building, Neighborhood Zoning

Compiled by Jesse Wood

The Boone Area Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 1500 Blowing Rock Road. The meeting will cover four cases.

Case 20160735: Beverly Heights/VFW- General Use Zoning Map Amendment


At the request of neighborhood residents and in response to increased activity at the new Zaxby’s restaurant, the Boone Town Council, in November 2015, approved a request to initiate a zoning map amendment to create a Neighborhood Conservation District overlay in the neighborhood around Beverly Heights Avenue, Berkley Avenue, Sheridan Avenue, Olancha Avenue, Telescope Peak Avenue, VFW Drive and Shady Lane.

Neighborhood Conservation Districts are established as overlay districts to stabilize and maintain a suitable low-density living environment for family life. Included in this request are 35 properties, a list of which can be viewed here.

Case 20160734: Green Street – General Use Zoning Map Amendment


Neighborhood residents along Green Street and Old Bristol Road have also requested the Town of Boone to initiate a General Use Zoning Map Amendment to rezone 22 properties located along Green Street and Old Bristol Road from “R2 Two-Family Residential” to “R1A Single Family with Accessory Apartment” and “Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCD).”

Click here for more info.

Case 20160566: Farm Bureau – Conditional District Zoning Map Amendment

Located at 135 State Farm Road, Watauga County Farm Bureau Inc. has acquired the adjacent property at 169 State Farm Road that is located in an R-1 zoning district, according to documents in the meeting packet.

“The business intends to remove its current office building and the existing residential structure on the adjacent property, recombine the two parcels and construct a new office building,” a narrative of the future project reads. “Because a professional office is not permitted in an R-1 zoning district, Farm Bureau seeks a conditional district map amendment from zoning district R-1 to B-3 for the property at 169 State Farm Road.”

Case 20160751: Changes to UDO Articles 15 & 16 – UDO Text Amendment

This case proposes amending UDO text to allow council to create additional Neighborhood Conservation Districts without amending the UDO each time a zoning map amendment occurs.

See the entire meeting packet here: