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Shining Like a New Penny: DBDA ‘Very Pleased’ With New Pavers on King Street, Return to Finish in the Spring

By Mark S. Kenna

Aug. 30, 2013. New pavers along King Street from Anna Banana’s to F.A.R.M. Café looks “sharp,” said a passerby, walking along the new section of brick sidewalk in downtown Boone.

“I’ve heard positive feedback about the new brick pavers from the merchants and visitors alike to Downtown Boone,” Virginia Falck, coordinator for downtown Boone, said.  “People seem to enjoy the appearance and the small town feeling the pavers provide to the Downtown Boone.”

Edward Wilkie busking from his usual spot in front of F.A.R.M. Café. The pavers extend from Anna Banana’s to F.A.R.M. Café, photo by Mark S. Kenna

Falck added that Downtown Boone merchants felt that the project had little impact on customer flow and daily business operations.

“They did a really nice job of keeping the area clear to walk in,” Anna Roseman, the owner of Anna Banana’s, said. “I think they did an excellent job. It took much less time than expected.”

Also, sales numbers compared to last year were not different, which is a good indicator that the paver installation did not interfere with business, Roseman added.

Black Brown, director of Public Works Department, said the project will continue in the spring. 

“When the pavers are finished they will be on each corner of the intersection of King and Depot Street,” Brown said.

Once the project starts back up again, the corner next to Melanie’s Food Fantasy up to the one-way drive by the town’s planning and inspection office – as well as the corner by Farmer’s Hardware – will also be outfitted with pavers, Brown said.

Edward Wilkie, a busker – street musician – who sets up beside F.A.R.M. Café, finds the new pavers, “attractive.”

Others agreed.

“They look really nice, it gives Boone a main street downtown look,” Terrie Do, a sophomore commercial photography major at Appalachian State said. “It livens it up and goes well with all the brick on King Street.

Sheri Moretz, community relations manager for the Mast General Store and member of DBDA added: “They look great. It’s made so much difference in the downtown, the way that section looks, when everything’s done the town is going to shine like a new penny.”

The pavers showed up in front of the Mast General Store the same year the Doc Watson statue was erected. They were purchased and installed by the Mast General Store. This endeavor into beautification became motivation for the town to follow suit. 

“We tried to do the pavers on the side that best fit what Mast did on their side of the street,” Brown said. “Input from the public and downtown business owners would be greatly appreciated.”

Let Blake Brown know how you feel about the new pavers, send him an email at [email protected]

The pavers in front of Mast General Store, photo by Mark S. Kenna


The pavers in front of Anna Banana’s, photo by Mark S. Kenna