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DAILY TUNES: The Outdoor Music Scene The Music in the Valle Friday Night Concert Series, this Friday: The Lucky Strikes Orchestra



By Elly Murray

Daily Tunes will be bringing you live music performances in the High Country area for every day of the week. Get out there and enjoy the cool breezes and relaxing music of summer before it’s over!

It’s Friday night, and the lovely Valle Crucis Community Park, right near the original Mast General Store, is hosting their Music in the Valle concert series. Families fly kites or investigate the playground while waiting for the music to start, as oodles of people arrive and lay out their colorful blankets and chairs. Some take the risk of sitting on the grass sans-blankets, which may backfire on them if the high country has been hit by another monsoon.

The musicians enter onto a little box stage with a colorful star painted on the back, and begin to play their first song. The crowd is instantly captivated by the new and original music, and even the children quiet down—just a little bit.

Performing this Friday night is the Lucky Strikes Orchestra, a jammin’ group that plays mostly classic jazz, blues, beach, swing, and rock n’ roll. They’re originally from Boone, and their performances have been known to be upbeat and energetic.

Next Friday, Bob Sinclair and the Big Deals, a storytelling string quartet , will take the stage at the Valle Crucis Community Park.

The concerts will begin at 7 p.m. from June 1 to August 10 and at 6:30 p.m. from August 17 to September 7. Food will be available for purchase at each concert, and admission is free. However, a $5 per person or a $10 per family donation is recommended, so the park can continue hosting spectacular events.

Come check out the Music in the Valle series for some incredible music, and don’t forget to donate and help the park out!


The line-up for the concert series is as follows:


July 6: The Lucky Strikes Orchestra

July 13: Bob Sinclair and The Big Deals

July 20: Lauren Hayworth, Centerpiece Jazz

July 27: The Worthless Son-in-Laws

Aug. 3: Rastacoustic

Aug. 10: The Sheets Family Band

Aug. 17: The Dashboard Hula Boys

Aug. 24: The Carolina Ramble Review

Aug. 31: Soul Benefactor

Sept. 7: Folk and Dagger


For more information regarding the 2018 Music in the Valle concert series, the artists, or their music, visit their website at https://vallecrucispark.org/music-in-the-valle/