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DAILY TUNES: The Outdoor Music Scene Banner Elk Cafe’s Weekend Music on the Patio, this Friday and Saturday: Daniel Couper and Josh Perryman



By Elly Murray

Daily Tunes will be bringing you live music performances in the High Country area for every day of the week. Get out there and enjoy the cool breezes and relaxing music of summer before it’s over!

Swing by Banner Elk for the delightful Banner Elk Cafe’s music series! Every Friday and Saturday night from 7 to 9 p.m., live musicians will perform either on the patio or in the tavern, depending on the weather.

Once you arrive, you’ll see the big elk statue in the very front of the restaurant, and know you’re in the right place. The outside of the restaurant has smooth wooden walls and a huge variety of lovely, blooming flowers, from window boxes to little hung baskets. The building itself sprawls over such a large area, due to their newest addition, the tavern.

On the patio where the music is hosted, the atmosphere is conversational and cozy as the patrons wait for the performance to begin. Or perhaps, if you arrive late, the soulful music is already in full swing, and excited patrons are dancing along to their favorite tunes. Cindy Broussard, one of the owners of the Banner Elk Cafe, says that, “It just gets a little more upbeat, I would say after 9.”

This Friday, Daniel Couper will perform for the Banner Elk Cafe. An original folk singer with a love for mismatched shoes, Daniel Couper sings soulfully and is dedicated to his music.

Cindy Broussard says, “this is his first time playing with us.” The crew at the Banner Elk Cafe is very excited to see him perform for the first time at their restaurant.

On Saturday, local favorite Josh Perryman will be playing his bass at the Banner Elk Cafe.  Cindy Broussard describes his performances, saying, “Josh Perryman has been rocking it. He’s out of Wilkesboro, and he’s a bass player….He’s more originals and kind of rock, I would say, but he brings in a crowd.”

At the Banner Elk Cafe’s performances, food can be purchased from the restaurant and drink specials are also available. The performances are free, but seating is given to dining guests first.

Located just around the corner from the bookstore, a trip to the Banner Elk Cafe is definitely worth it, to see their newest addition and enjoy some spectacular music.


The lineup for the Banner Elk Cafe’s summer music is as follows:

June 29: Daniel Couper

June 30: Josh Perryman

July  6: Josh Perryman

July 7: Vintage

July 13: Joseph Hawk

July 14: Sound Traveler

July 20: Sound Traveler

July 21: Josh Perryman

July 27: West Wind

July 28: Daniel Couper

Aug. 3: West Wind

Aug. 4: Joseph Hawk

Aug. 10: Vintage

Aug. 11: Josh Perryman

Aug. 17: Sound Traveler

Aug. 18: West Wind

Aug. 24: Tom Pillion

Aug. 25: Daniel Couper

Aug. 31: Sound Traveler


For more information on the Banner Elk Cafe’s summer music, the performers, or their music, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Banner-Elk-Cafe-and-Lodge-Espresso-Bar-and-Eatery-111891608887292/