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Coyote Kitchen to be Owned and Operated by Lost Province Brewing Co as of April 1st 2022

The beloved Boone staple will remain the eco-conscious Southwest & Caribbean eatery that our community knows and loves, but with a few new and exciting changes.

Lost Province Brewing Company (LPBC) is excited to announce that they will be the new owners and operators of Coyote Kitchen, starting April 1st, 2022. The owners/operators of LPBC have always loved Coyote Kitchen’s concept, and over the years they’ve enjoyed countless lunches and dinners at this beloved Boone staple. They are committed to ensuring this restaurant continues to thrive in the Boone community. They plan to keep Coyote Kitchen’s concept alive, and they are also committed to maintaining Coyote Kitchen’s allergy friendly focus, as this is something that they know our community really values and loves. 

Lynne Mason says: “We weren’t looking for an opportunity like this, but as fate had it, this opportunity found us, and here we are today. This next leg of our journey is sure to be an exciting one.” 

Several months ago, the Lost Province family was introduced to Ben and Jaime, long time owners/operators of Coyote Kitchen. Ben and Jaime started on with Coyote Kitchen in 2003, and they took over as owners in 2006. After 16 years, they are at a point in their lives where they’re ready for their next adventure. This has been a tough decision, because they’ve poured so much heart and soul into this business, but one that they feel is best for them at this point in their lives. 

Wanting to see Coyote Kitchen remain a local and independent restaurant, Ben and Jaime offered the owners/operators of Lost Province Brewing Co the amazing opportunity to purchase the business. After numerous coffee and lunch dates, it became increasingly clear that this opportunity could be wonderful for everyone. 

Lost Province Brewing Company will officially be operating the business as of April 1st, and they will continue to keep the community updated as things unfold during this transition.