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COVID-19 Update: Positive Cases in Watauga Jump Another 35 Percent From Last Week

By Nathan Ham

In the most recent data update from AppHealthCare, Watauga County now has recorded a total of 214 positive cases, a jump from 159 last week. This adds up to a 35 percent increase from last Friday. 

Active cases increased from 89 to 99 in Watauga County with 142 people being actively monitored, a drop from 147 recorded last week. 

In the rest of AppHealthCare’s district, Ashe County’s positive case count went from 69 last week to 86 this week with an increase in active cases from 16 to 26. In Alleghany County, their positive count jumped from 46 to 56 with 15 cases being active, the same amount as last week. Ashe has 47 people being actively monitored while Alleghany has 34 people being actively monitored. 

Hospitalizations from across the district increased by one from 13 to 14 over this past week. 

The district has now recorded 356 total cases with 140 total active cases, an increase of 20 active cases from last week. 

“There are tools we have in our toolbox right now that will help to slow the spread of this virus in our community. We all have the power to positively affect the impact this virus has. We urge each person to practice the 3Ws when you leave your house and will be around others – wear a cloth face covering, wait 6 feet from others and wash your hands. In addition to the 3Ws, clean high-touch surfaces, stay home if you’re sick, and avoid mass gatherings,” stated Jennifer Greene, the Health Director at AppHealthCare.

Demographic Data from NC DHHS as of July 23rd

NC DHHS updates this data daily and can be found on NC DHHS’s website .


Data for Watauga County

An important note about data context: The graphs below show the available data. Please carefully read the descriptions below the graph to understand the data limitations. The most current data is available ontheA ppHealthCaredashboard ,asthedatabelowispastdatatrended.

Important Disclaimer About Data

It is imperative that this report and the data contained within is understood in the appropriate context. Please, if you use this report, please be certain that the information included within is shared within the appropriate context. Doing otherwise may be damaging to the public health response efforts. There are multiple factors involved in addressing this virus, including compliance with public health control measures implemented by the local health director and referenced in NC GS 130A. These measures are imperative for limiting the spread of COVID-19. AppHealthCare strongly advises that when data is shared for the purposes of educating the public or informing policy decisions, it should come directly from NC DHHS or AppHealthCare as it is presented with appropriate context from those directly involved in public health response.

Additional data can be found on AppHealthCare’s data dashboard. This data is updated each day by 8pm. You may notice a difference between our case count and the NC DHHS state database . Sometimes we get notification of positive results before they show up on the state dashboard. Also, individuals can

sometimes get “assigned” to our counties that actually do not reside in our counties. When that happens, we work with the state to get that data reassigned to the person’s place of residence.

Additional Data and Information from NC Department of Health & Human Services

  • ●  Zip Code Data – NC DHHS publishes data for confirmed cases by zip code for the state. The map

    and data can be found here .

  • ●  Outbreak Data & Information – This data is broken down by type of congregate setting like a

    nursing home, residential care facility, correctional facility, or a congregate working setting. The

    map by county and report can be found here .

  • ●  Hospitalizations – More detailed data around hospitalizations, ventilators and bed capacity is

    now available by regions and can be found here . Our district counties are in the Triad Healthcare Preparedness Coalition.