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COVID-19 Situation Update for Watauga County: AppHealthCare to Receive 200 First Doses for Watauga Each Week for the Next Three Weeks

“This has been a very difficult year for so many dealing with this virus and the impacts it has had on everyone’s daily lives. With vaccine being administered, this will be our best tool to slow the spread of the virus and fight this pandemic but it will take some time to get everyone vaccinated since we have limited amounts of vaccine. We are working very hard to get vaccine out to the community as quickly and efficiently as possible but with small amounts of vaccine, we are limited to the number we can vaccinate week to week. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are hopeful we will receive more vaccine in the coming weeks,” stated Jennifer Greene, Health Director, AppHealthCare.

This week we learned that NC DHHS is going to modify the way it is allocating vaccines in our state to provide vaccine providers a rolling estimate of vaccines for three weeks. This is a big improvement and will help us better plan. We have been notified that we will receive 200 first doses for Watauga each week for the next three weeks. We expect to receive 400 second doses for Watauga next week as well.