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COVID-19 Numbers Are Highly Alarming in Toe River Health District Counties

By Tim Gardner

The latest COVID-19 numbers for the past seven days in the Toe River Health District clearly display the continued danger that the pandemic is causing in that region which governs the North Carolina High Country counties of Avery, Mitchell and Yancey.

Statistics released today (September 14) and ending September 13, 2021 by the Toe River Health District show Yancey County had 139 new positive cases detected; Mitchell County reported 97 and Avery County had 87.

The number of COVID deaths in the Toe River Health District counties since mid-July is 24–an average of 12 per month. Of those deaths, 11 are from Avery County, 8 from Yancey and 5 in Mitchell.

Toe River Health District and other medical professionals around the world continue to remind the public of the colossal importance of the 3W’s in combating and halting the spread of Coronavirus and its variants.  Those include: Wearing a facial mask; Waiting at least 6 Feet from others at all times while in the public; and Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

A total breakdown of the updated Toe River Health District statistics include: