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Country Music Star and College Town Favorite Corey Smith Returns to Legends this Thursday

This Thursday, Oct. 20, Corey Smith will return to Legends, ready again to dazzle fans with his engaging live act.

With his relatable and honest repertoire of original music, Corey smith has redefined the idea of mainstream success. Smith does not regularly find his name on country music charts. He does not boast of major contracts with mainstream country record companies or agencies. Instead, Corey Smith has tapped into something nearer to the heart of country music, an approach long forgotten and laid to rest with the outlaw greats that mainstream country musicians like to reference, but fail to emulate. Corey Smith is a musician, yes, but he’s also an independent craftsmen, he’s a country music trade worker. He does not walk many red carpets, but he provides for his family doing what he loves: writing and performing his original work. His work at his craft has earned him success and fame without stripping him of the honesty that makes his music so great.

Smith’s success as a singer-songwriter has baffled leading professionals in the industry. His dedication to touring and his unmatched ability to connect with crowds have proven perfect catalysts for achieving this success, which is represented by his vehemently dedicated fanbase.

Corey Smith was named one of country music’s hottest new artists by Country Weekly and Music Row Magazine. He has also been featured on the cover of Pollstar as a Hotstar Top Artist. This recognition was not unwarranted as Smith has been charming audiences with his genuine personality and relatable music, which speaks honestly about the lives and common experiences shared by southern working class people.

With hundreds of sold out shows to boast of, Smith continues to build on his dedicated fanbase, who come ready to belt out the words to his most popular songs.

Smith is known for his laid back, realistic engagement of audiences. He can draw the crowd in with an intimate love song featuring simply himself and his acoustic guitar, and in the next moment, he can have the whole place rocking to a groovy beat backed by a full band while he sings frankly about his wild youth.

Attendees on Thursday should expect to be fully engaged by a genuine craftsmen, whose songs run an impressive thematic gamut and honestly reflect relatable real life experiences. Smith will sing songs that range in subject matter from his love for his family and his changing life-style to sentimental remembrances of graduating high school and going to the beach with friends.

Often, Corey is known to rap during his sets. One of his more famous crowd pleasers, titled “F**** the Po-Po” is a comical rap that tells a story and deals with issues faced by regular people. The song combines aspects of Smith’s more raucous side as well as his family man identity, and the song has become a staple and a fan favorite for his live act.
Tickets are available to students for $15 in advance and to non-students and students at the door for $20. The doors will open at 9p.m. Thursday night, and the show starts at 9:30 p.m. Don’t miss out.