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Council Approves Creation Of ‘Badly Needed’ Board Of Adjustment Subcommittee Tuesday Night

By Mark S. Kenna

Dec. 18, 2013. Boone Town Council moved to empower the Board of Adjustment to create a subcommittee Tuesday night to reformulate rules and procedures because of statutory changes.

Recent changes to state law over the last several years have made the Board of Adjustment rules of procedure out of date, Town Attorney Sam Furgiuele said, adding that a subcommittee would serve the purpose of revisiting those rules and draft new rules.

As a way to relieve the agenda of the Board of Adjustment during the high-demand development months of the summer, the Board of Adjustment would like to create a quick-case agenda, which would prioritize those cases, Furgiuele said.

Sometimes people with relatively simple cases wait for hours for the complicated cased to be resolved, Furgiuele added.

However, municipal code prevents the creation of subcommittees because of cost incurred to the town.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rennie Brantz made the motion to give the Board of Adjustment the power to create a subcommittee that would include Bill Bailey, director of Planning and Inspections, and Furgiuele.

The Board of Adjustment will be able to determine the size of that committee, the schedule of its meetings and membership, Brantz added.

“I can assure you this is badly needed,” Councilman Fred Hay said.