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Corporate Verizon Store To Locate at Old Ruby Tuesday; Krispy Kreme Coming To Town, Too

By Jesse Wood

Passers-by will see construction activity where Long John Silver’s and Ruby Tuesday used to operate along the main commercial strip of U.S. 321 in Boone.

Boone Planning Director Bill Bailey said that a corporate Verizon Wireless store will go into the old Ruby Tuesday location after “extensive interior rehab.” Currently, there are two big dumpsters outside the location. Ruby Tuesday closed in April of 2014.

Just down the highway, a Krispy Kreme will operate in the former Long John Silver’s location. Bailey said that the old building will be demolished and a new building will be constructed.

“I am not sure of their projected timeline, but we are committed to working with them to ensure they open as quickly as possible,” Bailey said.

Long John Silver’s closed last November.