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Cooper Declares Victory in Governor’s Race, McCrory To ‘Make Sure Every Vote Counts’


Compiled by Jesse Wood

While Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper declared victory in the gubernatorial race after capturing 5,001 more votes than incumbent Governor Pat McCrory on Tuesday evening, McCrory said the race isn’t over.


Cooper received 2,281,851 votes or 48.97 percent of the vote, while McCrory received 2,276,850 votes or 48.86 percent of the vote. Libertarian candidate Lon Cecil received 101,049 votes.

At about 1:30 a.m., Cooper released the following statement, declaring victory:

“This has been an extremely hard fought race, but the people of North Carolina have spoken and they have chosen a change in leadership. We are confident once the results are certified we will confirm tonight’s victory.”

Gov. McCrory was quoted by WRAL as telling supporters at a N.C. GOP gathering in Raleigh: “The race is not over in North Carolina. We’re going to check everything. We are going to make sure every vote counts in North Carolina.”

McCrory’s campaign strategist Chris LaCivita released this statement on Wednesday morning:

Gov. McCrory
Gov. McCrory

“The votes have been cast in the gubernatorial election, but many have yet to be counted. Currently, there are tens of thousands of outstanding absentee, military and provisional ballots across the state, and claiming an outcome before the process has concluded is irresponsible and disrespectful to the voters of North Carolina whose voices have yet to be heard. We also have grave concerns over potential irregularities in Durham County, including the sudden emergence of over 90,000 ballots at the end of the night.

“Our campaign is working closely with the North Carolina Republican Party and Chairman Robin Hayes to fulfill Governor McCrory’s call to ensure every vote is counted and that every eligible voter is afforded one vote. We will devote all appropriate financial and human resources to this effort and will let the system work. In the meantime, Governor McCrory will continue to do the job he was elected to do and focus on storm recovery and response.”

NC Democratic Party Chair Patsy Keever released a statement as well, agreeing that the results aren’t final until canvassing:

“Tonight Attorney General Roy Cooper emerged as the winner of North Carolina’s gubernatorial election,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair “The results won’t be finalized tonight, but Cooper enters North Carolina’s canvass process with a strong lead. With provisional ballots, Attorney General Cooper stands poised to grow his lead in a recount and become North Carolina’s next governor.”