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Contractors Aiming to Have Water Intake Project Complete Within 30 Days

By Nathan Ham

It has been said before that the New River Water Intake Project is nearing the finish line. At least for now, it appears that contractors are almost done with the work that has taken over two months longer than anticipated to complete.

The original contracted completion date was November 7, 2018. As of Friday, the project is now 70 days beyond completion date.

“The contractor has indicated that they are shooting for within the next 30 days, dependent on weather and are working on punch list items,” said John Ward, the Town Manger of Boone, on Friday morning.

The latest update provided by the Town of Boone on Thursday said that the project has received a certificate of compliance for all new mechanical, electrical and plumbing work done at the water treatment plant.

Other completed items by the Harper Corporation include the installation of a new leak detection system at the water treatment plant and the installation of a new electrical power supply at the intake along the New River.

The final inspection by the Fire Marshal at the water treatment plant has also been completed and all water pumps and air compressor systems at the intake have gone through the initial start-up test.

At the Booster Pump Station, the pavement has been completed and asphalt striping has been completed. Live stakes have been installed along the creek bank.

The final pay request for the contractor, Harper Corporation, includes a deduction of $81,000 for “liquidated damages” according to the Town of Boone. The contractor and the Town of Boone Public Works Staff met earlier this month for an on-site review of the project to address the final items that needed to be completed and make sure substantial completion of the work is continuing according to terms defined in the contract.