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Comets Visible in Pre-dawn Eastern Sky, Todd Bush Captures ISON and Lovejoy From Banner Elk Monday

Photos by Todd Bush
Photos by Todd Bush

By Jesse Wood

Nov. 12, 2013. After learning that four comets are visible in the pre-dawn eastern sky, Todd Bush aimed his camera at comets ISON and Lovejoy from his upper deck in Banner Elk. 

At about 5:30 a.m. on Monday morning, Bush captured the images above. In an email on Monday afternoon, Bush noted that he could faintly see Lovejoy. However, he couldn’t see ISON. He aimed his camera based on sky charts from spaceweather.com.

“[I’m] glad the camera did see them and am looking forward to Comet ISON hopefully brightening to greatness as it makes its way around the sun!” Bush wrote. 

Check back for more of Todd Bush’s wonderful photos of these comets. 

Follow the ISON comet with this virtual model that includes:

  • Model visualizes current position of comet, assumed trajectory and all important moments.
  • It also contains interesting features such as movement in time or realistic mode.
  • Second view shows the position of ISON in the night sky.