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CMT Casting Call Brings in More Than 50 Hopefuls Jan. 10; Candidates Sought for New Dating Show

By Madison Fisler Lewis

Jan. 12, 2015. On Saturday, Jan. 10, CMT sent executives to the Holiday Inn in Boone to hold a casting call for a yet-unnamed upcoming TV show to premiere on the network. The show, which does not yet have a filming or a debut date, will showcase what it is like to be single and dating in a small town.

“We are looking for people who live in small towns, we are not so much interested in college students who live on campus, but we are looking for people who are living that small town life and small town love,” said Craig D’Entrone, executive producer of the show in a previous interview.

“We are looking for people to come in and just tell us about themselves, and be ready to talk about their small town life and their small town love life.”

While many participants made appointments, the casting call was open to anyone who was interested on Saturday from 12-8 p.m. Those who turned out for the casting call were encouraged to be themselves and tell the producers a little information about their experiences dating in a small town.

According to D’Entrone, about 50 people came out to the casting call.

“More people came out than we expected, we had about 50 people there,” D’Entrone said. “We thought it would be a little smaller, but we were pleasantly surprised.”

In total, the show is hoping to cast between 4-6 people to participate in the show. Other casting calls were held Jan. 6 in Searcy, AR and Perry, Ga.; Jan. 8 in Tupelo, Miss and Newberry, S.C; and Jan. 10 in Boone and Interstate Commercial Park, Ala.

“Boone is too big of a town for the show, but what we found was that a lot of people that came to the casting call say that they are from Boone but are actually from the smaller towns outside of Boone,” he said. “They just say they are from Boone because it is the closest place to identify. All of the people we met over the weekend were just great.”

Although an official filming time has not been set for the show, the ball should be rolling soon.

“It doesn’t have a specific start date yet,” D’Entrone said. “But we expect that filming would start sometime within the next year. We are not sure which towns we will be filming in yet.

Within the next couple weeks, possible contestants will be notified if they are chosen to proceed to the next step.

“The next step after we notify people is that we will come and film them in their hometowns,” D’Entrone said.

And if you missed out on the casting call, you can still write in a submission.

“This weekend was the last of the open casting calls, but people are welcome to submit information to us to be considered,” he said. “They can email us with an inquiry with their name, phone number, description of their town and their dating life. If they want to include a video with it, that is great, but it is not necessary. From there we will talk to them through Skype. They can email us at CMTSmallTownLoveCasting@gmail.com.”

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Photos by Ken Ketchie

Potential contestants fill out their applications.
Craig D’Entrone, in red, films the contestants.
A casting director works during the casting call.
A potential candidate works on paperwork for the casting call.