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Civitas Group: Blatant Abuse of NC Taxpayer Resources Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack


More than 30 North Carolina state and local government email addresses were uncovered today by NC Capitol Connection as part of the more than 10,000 government and military email addresses released in the hack of the online affair site, Ashley Madison.

NC Capitol Connection is still uncovering additional NC government email addresses and analyze the list further. The story will be updated throughout the day.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of government employees using taxpayer resources for personal use. Unfortunately, people will be distracted by the salacious nature of this abuse and not the fact that North Carolinians are being taxed to support government at all levels using state and local resources to engage in this activity at work as opposed to serving the people of North Carolina.”

A few of the NC government domains included in the addresses uncovered at the time of this release are: NC Department of Health and Human Services, NC Department of Juvenile Justice, Moore County, and the Cities of Greensboro, Charlotte, and Greenville.

Release by Civitas…


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