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It’s a Chilly Start to 2018! Snow and Cold Ring in the New Year

Cold and snow ushered 2018 in across the High Country with record-breaking temperatures and a fluffy 2 plus inches of snow. The low was minus 3 degrees on Snake Mountain this morning with Beech Mountain coming in at minus 2. Sugar Mountain is reporting a low of 4. In Boone in got down to 7 degrees.

Where did the snow come from? As Ray Russell from Ray’s Weather explains, “Cold air squeezed the proverbial blood out of a turnip Sunday, frigid air producing light, fluffy snow out of very dry air.” Rural roads are covered with snow this morning but the main roads are clear.

Looking ahead the weather pattern remains in place with possible more record breaking low temperatures coming Thursday and Friday.

2018 is starting out in a deep freeze! See Ray’s Weather forecast here:  Ray’s Weather