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Children’s Hope Alliance Hosts 3rd Annual Giving Them Hope Luncheon Fundraiser this Thursday

By Katie Benfield 

On Thursday, July 20, Children’s Hope Alliance will be hosting its annual Giving Them Hope Luncheon at the Hugh Chapman Center in Linville from 11:45-1:00 p.m.

“It’s an hour long, free event for our community to hear about how we are impacting lives here locally and across the state,” Pangshua Riley, Development Officer for Children’s Hope Alliance, said. “This year’s theme is Shine and just giving kids the opportunity to shine.”

The Children’s Hope Alliance was formed three years ago in 2014 when Grandfather Home for Children merged with Barium Springs. However, the organization has still had its focus on the same goals and missions.

The luncheon serves as a major fundraiser for the nonprofit, which strives to provide a safe, healing journey for hurting children and families – and creating hope now and in the future.

“The luncheon has kids who have completed treatment with us giving testimonies and sharing their stories,” Riley said. “We want to use this event to raise money to help our overall mission.”

During the event, kids that were once part of the residential program at the Children’s Hope Alliance will be speaking about their experiences through the nonprofit. Along with this, the CEO of the organization, John Kopplemeyer, will be updating the community on how things have been going over the last couple of years and informing them of any plans that are being formulated for the future.


We believe all children should grow up in nurturing, caring families.  And our goal should be helping children who have experienced trauma in their lives find healing, which allows them to grow up in the most normalized family setting possible.

-John Kopplemeyer


The event is set to reach out to sponsors, business leaders, community members and advocates of the organization to invite all in attendance to take part in the mission and the goals that this organization has to provide children with the hope, resources and nurture that it takes to help them all shine.


For more information or to RSVP, call Pangshua Riley at 828-406-2424.