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Cherokee Storytelling: Lloyd Arneach to Share Tales, Lessons, Positivity at BRAHM April 29

By Kaitlan Morehouse

Do you need positive reinforcements? Visit the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum on Friday, April 29, and you can get just that! BRAHM will host Lloyd Arneach, who will help you find the best lesson and positive outcomes through his Cherokee storytelling.

BRAHM will host “An Evening of Cherokee Stories with Storyteller Lloyd Arneach” in the museum’s atrium for adults and teens from 7:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

Lloyd Arneach
Storyteller Lloyd Arneach

The presentation will be $10 for members and students and $15 for nonmembers.

Arneach tells stories that are humorous, gentle, informative and moving.

His stories include “old stories” of the Cherokee, tales and legends from many different Native American tribes, contemporary Indian stories that he has collected, ancient creation stories, behind the scenes of the film Dances with Wolves and inspirational stories of great Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life as he celebrates those who have triumphed over adversity.

Leila Weinstein, the BRAHM Education and Outreach Director,  said that Arneach will transport you through other times and places with his concert-style performance.

Arneach will help you find the best lesson, the positive outcomes and the real gifts within the tales.

“Stories help us get at deep human truths in a gentle way. They can pass on lessons: of caution, of morality, of humor, of the human condition. They help us empathize with others and prompt us to ask questions,” Weinstein said.

The Watauga County Arts Council and grassroots funds of the North Carolina Arts Council will fund the program.

BRAHM will also sponsor a program with Arneach at the Blowing Rock Elementary School for fourth and fifth grade students.

For more information, contact Leila Weinstein at 828-295-9099 ext. 3006 or leila@blowingrockmuseum.org or visit the museum online.

About Arneach

Lloyd Arneach, born and raised in Cherokee, North Carolina, is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Arneach learned his first legend at a young age from two storytelling uncles. His father was also Vice-Chief of the Eastern Band, his mother the first woman elected to the Tribal Council and his Grandmother Lula Owl Gloyne a Beloved Woman of the tribe.

Since his reservation days, Arneach has traveled throughout the state of Georgia as he lectured on Cherokee history and culture and worked at AT&T’s computer department in Atlanta. Once he added storytelling to his lectures, he made the lectures and stories a full-time career.

He has lectured in schools, universities, libraries, museums, historical societies, civic groups, Pow-Wows, theaters and festivals, as well as the Kennedy Center, National Follie Festival, the National Museum of the American Indian – all three in Washington, D.C. – the Winnepeg International Storytelling Festival (Canada) and the Discovery Channel.

You can find Arneach’s CD “Can You Hear the Smoke?” and published books, such as The Animal’s Ballgame, Long-Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee.

He has been featured in the 2010 winter issue of the American Indian Magazine by the National Museum of the American Indian and the fall/winter 2012 issue of the Cherokee Edition of the Foxfire Magazine.

In September 2011, he received the Mountain Heritage Award from Western Carolina University.

Visit http://www.arneach.com for more information on the storyteller.