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Casey Driessen: Unplugged Comes to the Jones House on Saturday, March 14

By Jay Salton

Bluegrass fiddler and singer Casey Driessen will perform at the Jones House Community Center in Boone on Saturday, March 14, as part of the Winter/Spring Indoor Concert Series. Doors will open at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 7:30 p.m. Seat reservations are $20.

caseydriessenDriessen, who is currently based out of Asheville, is known for his unique playing style, in which he plays a five-string fiddle (as opposed to the usual four) through an array of effects pedals, creating a full-band sound all by himself. For this particular show, though, he will be performing an exclusive unplugged set, which will feature him alone with his fiddle, abstained from effects or backing musicians, in the intimate setting of The Jones House.

Driessen frequently performs around the world as a solo act, though he also has some big credits to his name. In the past, he has performed and recorded with artists including Bela Fleck, John Mayer and Chris Thile, in addition to his own band, The Colorfools. He also contributed to the soundtrack to Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash movie.

He is also known for his studying and popularizing of a rhythmic technique for fiddle known as “The Chop,” in which he uses the bow and the fiddle to create a percussive sound unique to string instruments. Through a Kickstarter campaign and working with many well-known drummers and percussionists, Driessen has released many recordings, videos and journals documenting his study of “The Chop.”

“Casey is one of the handful of guys out there who is just a total virtuoso,” said Mark Freed, the cultural resources coordinator for The Jones House.

“It”s just fun to be around people like that. It”s inspiring.”

To reserve seats for the show, call 828-268-6280. This show is expected to sell out, and there are only a handful of open spots left.