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Carolina Native, Bluesy Rock Band Low Counts to Perform at Boone Saloon on Saturday, Oct. 25

by Emma Speckman

Oct. 9, 2014. The two-man, bluesy rock duo Low Counts will perform at Boone Saloon Saturday, Oct. 25. Statesville native Matt Walsh and Austin Hicks, from Pilot, make up the band, which formed in 2012. Walsh plays guitar finger-pick style and leads the band’s vocals while Hicks plays drums.

“I met Austin on Craigslist actually,” Walsh said. “I used to do stuff in my own name.”

Walsh said when they first played together they sounded so full that neither member felt the need to seek out a bass player to expand their band beyond a duo.

“It’s a hard thing to pull off,” Walsh said of forming a band with only one other person. “We had that instant chemistry.”

Walsh said that as a solo artist he played mostly roots, blues and traditional rock n’ roll music, but with Hicks’ influence and varied musical taste, they have expanded into new genres.

“That’s the thing about our band—we try to stay away from being labeled,” Walsh said. “We just stay rock n’ roll.”

Low Counts2
“We give it everything we have,” Walsh said about the duo’s performance style.

Low Counts put out their first self-titled album in March, to generally positive reviews.

Wilmington’s Star News calls their sound “meaningful music with heft and soul as well as timelessness” and described their first full-length album as “a one-two punch of grizzly and sultry blues rock.”

“We play usually an hour and a half long set and give it everything we have,” Walsh said of the duo’s performance style. “Basically we rock out.”

High Country blues-rock band Rubber Checks will open for the Low Counts show at Boone Saloon. Walsh and Hicks have worked with them before—most recently Rubber Checks opened for Low Counts at Local 506 in Chapel Hill Oct. 3.

The Oct. 25 show will begin at 9 p.m. at Boone Saloon. Good news for those who can’t make it this time—the duo will also return to Boone Nov. 14 to play at Appalachian Mountain Brewery.

Fore more information about the band and to listen to some of their music, visit http://www.thelowcounts.com/

Low Counts1
Low Counts performing at Blues City Deli in St. Louis, Mo. in 2013. The band spent part of last year touring the midwest promoting their then-unreleased album.