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Carlton Gallery’s 34th Spring Group Exhibition With Artists’ Spotlight “Perceptions of Nature” Continues

A Galactic Shift,,Debbie Arnold
Debbie Arnold- “A Galactic Shift”

Carlton Gallery’s 34th Spring Group Exhibition which showcases fine art in paintings, glass, wood, clay, sculpture, wearable fiber and jewelry by local, regional and national artisans which also includes an Artists’ Spotlight “Perceptions of Nature” with Debbie Arnold, Tonya Bottomley and Trena McNabb is  extended to run through July 17.

This Exhibition’s Artists’ Spotlight “Perceptions of Nature” – by three women in the arts – Debbie Arnold, Tonya Bottomley and Trena McNabb whose contemporary paintings displays varied styles and interpretations of nature.  Their work adds a distinctive voice to the eclectic mix of new work at the 34th Spring Group Exhibition.

Debbie Arnold’s paintings are best described as a stream of consciousness from which emerges inner methodologies.  Her approach is spontaneous beginning with color and texture without subject matter. Arnold uses different techniques – sponges, pallet knife, spattering, collage and imprinting, along with pouring layers of thin colors onto the canvas. She is greatly inspired by nature and paints the feel of a scene rather than a literal interpretation of it. Arnold is highly motivated by shapes, textures and colors rather than defined subject matter.

The art of Tonya Bottomley is a very stylized method depicting the natural rhythms of life and nature. She paints what she sees, thinks and feels. Bottomley’s paintings are an orderly composition of lines and shapes that shift from organic flowing curves to angular geometric forms with bold lines to outline shapes. There is no literal portrayal of subject matter but rather an emphasis to produce unusual, entertaining and thought provoking art work. Bottomley’s paintings reflect her imagination and artistic vision, as well as stirring up emotion and curiosity in the viewer.

Every painting tells a story and the work of Trena McNabb reveals its deeper meaning through a connected series of smaller paintings, each a tale in itself. Images overlap in a kaleidoscope of colors depicting the flora, fauna and landscapes that comprise our planet. The synthesis of realism and imagination in Trena McNabb’s art reflects her interest in nature and the environment by her use of windows created by overlapping images, adding many layers to the narrative which becomes profounder the longer one studies the art work. Even though the canvas is overflowing with nature’s array, McNabb’s paintings display an astute knowledge of linear perspective.

All are welcome to visit Carlton Gallery for the 34th Spring Group and “Perceptions of Nature” Exhibition with its spirited collection of art work which is extended to run through July 17.

A Mid-Summer Group Exhibition is planned with an Artists’ Reception on July 23, 2 pm to 5 pm. New art work in many media by some of the standing gallery artists will be exhibited.  Also, the gallery celebrates 20 years of artist Andrew Braitman whose “Pushing the Limits with Innovative Elegance” Exhibit, along with Glass works by Fred Mead and Clay pieces by Ralph Mello can be viewed through September 15.


Carlton Gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone on Hwy 105 and 7 miles north of Linville and Banner Elk in the Grandfather Mountain Community with hours 10 to 5 Tuesday through Saturday and 11 to 5 on Sunday. For more information about Artists, Exhibitions and Workshops, please call (828) 963-4288 or visit www.carltongallery.com.

Tonya Bottomley- "Island Time"
Tonya Bottomley- “Island Time”
Trena McNab - American Landscape - 24x48
Trena McNab – “American Landscape”