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Carlton Gallery’s 32nd Mid-Summer Group Exhibition: Braitman’s ‘Expanding the Edge of Color’ July 26

Andrew Braitman - BALANCE AT THE WATER'S EDGE - 40 X 40
Andrew Braitman – BALANCE AT THE WATER’S EDGE – 40 X 40

July 21, 2014. “The last thing I do before I finish a piece,” says Braitman, “is turn all the lights out in the studio and leave one small light burning …just enough light to see the darks, grays, and lights of the painting and none of the color.  I try to load as much color as I can into a painting and still have it read as almost photo realistic in the low light.  I envision a patron calling his or her partner over at night to see their new painting just before bed.  I want them to stare at their new painting with an intimate appreciation.  No one else but them and me will see the painting this way. It should blow them away.”

Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Anniversary, with their prime show of the season. The Mid-Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 26. Meet Andrew Braitman, a prominent artist with a national reputation, and other noted gallery artists during a reception held between 2 and 5 p.m. The event will feature Braitman’s solo exhibition, “Expanding the Edge of Color”.  The Opening of the Exhibition will coincide with the Avery Tour de Art, a coalition of galleries and artists’ private studios, which is Saturday, July 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This 32 Annual Mid – Summer Group Exhibition encompasses fine art in glass, wood, sculpture, clay, fiber and fine jewelry by the many talented and dedicated artisans represented by the gallery along with contemporary and traditional paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, water color and mixed media.  New paintings by Helen Farson, Roy Nichols, Warren Dennis, Mary Martha McKinley, Kate Worm, Sharon Rusch Shaver, Michael Grady, Arlene Mandell, Marion Cloaninger, Alan Gordon, Kevin Beck, Vae Hamilton and Debbie Arnold fill the gallery with landscapes, non-objective abstracts, figurative, still life and humorous caricatures. New to the gallery this season, Kevin Aita’ s photo realism of dancers superimposed creatively to represent the figure in motion are breathtaking and Amy Sullivan’s oil and cold wax on plaster exploring the structures of regional barns brings the interior/decorative design elements into a fine art arena.

Sculptural Clay figurative works by Jayne Harris and new to the gallery, Melisa York bring the quality of the feminine, intuitive side of nature along with John Littleton and Kate Vogel’s cast glass hands holding a lotus flower.

Braitman’s exhibition, “Expanding the Edge of Color” clearly demonstrates his passion for exploring and creating through a focus on the relationship of texture and color combined with lost and found edges.

With sizes ranging from 5”x7” to 50”x70”, his explosions of artistic expression come bursting forth into form gracefully yet powerfully through the rhythm of creative cycles of layer upon layer of the blending of a collection of brilliant colors. This excellent use of color is a prominent component of Braitman’s paintings. Many are almost abstract except for a few strokes that hint of a familiar image.

Braitman states: “I am so happy with these latest paintings; they reflect my maturity as a painter as well as my love of the colors and rhythms of the world I paint.  In these pieces, I show the confidence and elegance of my painting process.   Instead of trying to showcase my talent (by cramming more and more into each painting) I let  the colors I choose,  the way I apply the paint, and the singular brush stroke I make mimic the beauty and interest of the woods I paint.”

“In these paintings I let the context (the scene I choose to paint) do much of the work so that I may showcase a few beautiful individual brushstrokes in each painting.   I let the palette I work with in each painting help to explain the mood and time of day of each individual painting which lets me focus more and more on unique and varied paint application.”

“I found that I am more expressive when working on larger paintings, so I wanted to see if I could be as elegant in smaller paintings.  I was heartily encouraged to find that these small pieces (7 x 5 inch pieces on panel) could be as exciting and expressive as the larger work.”

Andrew Braitman has exhibited his paintings at Carlton Gallery for over twenty years, and his abstract landscapes rendered in his signature color combinations are in many private and public collections. He has exhibited in galleries, one-man and group shows in Santa Fe, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Milburn, NJ; also in Noorbeck, Holland, Rio de Janiero and Curitiba, Brazil.

Born in Casper, Wyoming, Braitman earned his BA from the University of Maryland.  It was at the university where Braitman discovered his true passion for art. He enrolled in every drawing, painting, sculpture, and lithography class offered by the university, along with physics to study light, anatomy and physiology courses in the nursing school to learn the human body. His artistic prowess earned him the Warton Award Grant for Outstanding Senior Artist. All the extra classes allowed him to receive the same award again two years later.

Enjoy the new artwork by standing and new gallery artists along with Andrew Braitman’s “Expanding the Edge of Color” as Carlton Gallery celebrates its 32nd Anniversary during the Mid-Summer Group Exhibition on Saturday, July 26 with the reception from 2-5pm.  These exhibitions continue through September 15th.

In 2013 the gallery expanded its exhibition space which is reached by stairs in the lower featured artists’ gallery. This new space features paintings, glass, and pottery and connects to the Showroom/Studio of Toni Carlton. It is a nice transition from traditional gallery space to a creative environment reflecting peace and oneness and is part of the Avery Tour de Art July 26, 10-5.

The gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone and 7 miles north of Linville on N.C. 105 in the Grandfather Mountain community. Workshops in painting, mixed media, and expressive arts are held weekly by gallery artists who enjoy helping others experience profound creativity. For information on artists, exhibitions or available workshops, call 828-963-4288 or www.carltongallery.com.

Andrew Braitman - Living at the Forest's Edge - 24x48
Andrew Braitman – Living at the Forest’s Edge – 24×48
Andrew Braitman - Linden Creek -041
Andrew Braitman – Linden Creek -041