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Carlton Gallery’s 31st Autumn Group Exhibition Continues with Three-Dimensional Art Showcase

Oct. 7, 2013. Carlton Gallery’s 31st Autumn Group Exhibition continues with an emphasis on a varied collection of three-dimensional work in glass, wood and wearable fiber art. These art pieces make eye catching vignettes among the many paintings in the gallery.

Blown glass Arco Bags by John Littleton and Kate Vogel along with their cast glass sculptural hands are exceptional in design and workmanship. Greg Fidler exhibits sculptures from his Bowing Series – blown glass with a looped spiral in the center of the art. Blown glass tall wedge vases, open bowl and vessel, and 2-sided multicolor vases by Robinson Scott are in lovely autumn colors and of a superb quality. Fred Mead’s clear and green candelabras crafted from recycled glass in sizes large, small and medium make a design statement when grouped together. His opaque glass coasters with geometric shapes derived from recycled bottles in various colors are a testament to his creativity and sense of humor. 

Local wood artist Alan Hollar is noted for his ingenious wood sculptures with carved designs which make a distinctive work of art. Allen Davis crafts bowls with inlaid woods of different types, along with bottle stoppers, magnifying glasses, oil lamps and ikebanas. Bobby Phillips is a talented artist whose designs show the deep beauty found beneath the bark of maples, walnut, cherry and black locust trees native to this area, as well as his fine skill with the lathe. Many of Phillips’ work features carving, surface texturing and the use of inlaid minerals such as turquoise. 

Woodworker and furniture maker Keith Allen exhibits beautiful tables and cabinets of hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, ash, pecan and poplar crafted using conventional joinery including mortise and tenon and hand-cut dovetails.

The seasonal change in the High Country is a good time to check out the gallery’s collection of wearable fiber art – hand-woven mobius shawls, wool felted hats and scarves, knitted ponchos in beautiful earth tones, hand woven scarves of wool and mohair with ribbon and eyelash, hand-dyed silk capelets, along with reversible jackets by Trimdin. Jackets, vests and coats by Venus are made from hand-loomed cotton and decorated with designs of rock art, horses, dragonflies ad Kokopeli.

The 31st Autumn Group Exhibition with its eclectic collection of fine art in glass, wood, paintings, clay, sculpture, fiber art and jewelry runs through Nov. 22. The “Share the Muse” exhibit by Kate Worm, Vae Hamilton and Mary Dobbins of paintings and mixed media can be viewed through Oct. 22. An upcoming visiting artists’ exhibition, Alternative Views-Photography, by Dennis Usdan with Carole Usdan is planned for Oct. 26. The Estate Art of Jim Crompton and David McCaig can also be found at the gallery. Crompton was an impressionistic painter of varied subject matter, while McCaig was an abstract landscape painter.

The gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone and seven miles north of Linville on N.C. 105 in the Grandfather Mountain community. For information about artists, exhibitions or available workshops, call 828-963-4288 or visit www.carltongallery.com.