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Bunch of Improvements Happening at Beech Mountain Resort, Including New Tubing Run

By Jesse Wood

From renovating the Beech Tree Bar and Grille and refurbishing the quad lifts to constructing a tubing run, Ski Beech has some exciting improvements in store for the 2015-16 winter. See what all is happening on several fronts below.

The Beech Tree Bar and Grille Renovations

The Beech Tree Bar and Grille is being renovated for a fresh look. Skylights will be installed to brighten up the building and Talia Freeman, a spokesperson for Beech Mountain Resort, said that they plan to use the upper level.

In addition to more TVs upstairs and downstairs, the establishment will have a large projection screen downstairs for events, Sunday football games, “brew-n-view” nights and other film premieres. The stage for music will still exist, and Freeman said that the music series will be expanded this winter.

“We hope for this project to be completed by the fall and definitely by ski season,” Freeman said. “I think this will be a great restaurant/bar for not only area visitors, but also locals.”

New Tubing Run

A view of the new tubing run being constructed this summer.

Construction crews started building the new tubing run right after the end of the previous ski season, and construction continues through the summer.

“This is a large project, but I feel confident this will be the best tubing area we have ever had,” Freeman said.

A “magic carpet ride” will take riders to the top of the run, where the views are breathtaking. The tubing run is being built in between parking lot #2 and parking lot #3.

“They have done a nice job of engineering the design, so I think our customers will be really pleased,” Freeman said.

Improvements to Quad Lifts and Other Lifts

The largest investment of the summer is the improvement to the quad lift.

“The quad was a major investment, but definitely worth it.  It will be running like new again,” Freeman said.

Beech Mountain resort built a terminal over the high-speed quad lift on the top of the mountain to help keep the lift from being exposed to the elements. In addition, Beech focused on improving the other lifts as well.

“We have made a significant investment into the lifts to get them working efficiently, and running faster,” Freeman said. “I think the quality and speed of our lifts is very important to our customers, so we are making significant financial investments towards that project.”

Snow Guns, Other Improvements at Ski Beech

The next time folks walk into the group sales department, you will notice new flooring. The building is also being renovated, so it will be a great meeting space for groups. The bathrooms will be renovated at Ski Rentals, and a new stairs are being built in couple other areas.

Beech Mountain Resort is installing an additional 14 SMI pole cat snow guns, which will provide additional coverage in much needed areas and “give us the largest snowmaking capacity in history,” Freeman said.

“It will enable us to really define our product,” she added.

Here are some photos of the new run courtesy of Talia Freeman.