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Bruce Malfatone Recently Elected New Executive Director of Avery County Humane Society

Jan. 18, 2012. blue-black-logo-2x2Bruce Malfatone was recently elected new Executive Director of Avery County Humane Society.

“His professional background has been in Occupation Safety Management, but he has also been involved with animal safety and welfare for many years,” said Julie Loven, chairperson of the Board of Directors. “Bruce started out simply as a volunteer, but the board quickly recognized we had an extremely capable, dedicated and intelligent person in our midst and we offered him the full time position as Executive Director.”

As a volunteer, he streamlined our order system, implemented safety standards for animals and people and developed a successful volunteer community outreach program.

Mr. Malfatone has made more positive, innovative and cost-saving changes in one week here, than we’ve had in a year,” remarked board member Bill Avery. “I’ve been on the board several years and the changes he’s made for people, animal safety and operations are incredible. His energy and excitement in fixing problems tires me out just watching him. If this is just a sample of things to come then I believe Bruce will make us a model for the state, if not the nation. With his excellent management style, he is the strong leader and competent manager we need.”

Bruce Malfatone
Bruce Malfatone

“When I was approached about taking the position of Executive Director, I was ecstatic. This is a perfect fit for me,” said Malfatone. My professional background has been developing and evaluating procedures for large companies so I believe my skills will put us back on track. I have always helped as a volunteer, but while doing so I saw many areas that could be made more efficient and beneficial to staff and animals. I look forward to helping the local community reduce the number of unfixed animals, increase adoptions, find suitable homes for animals in need, and provide a welcome place for all two-legged and four-legged friends here.”