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Brice Street to Headline the Ninth Annual P.B. Scott’s Reunion Party Held at Canyons in Blowing Rock May 3

by Madison V. Fisler

April 18, 2014. When P.B. Scott’s was still in operation, there were certain bands that were booked on rotation to keep the tremendous crowds that they drew to the Blowing Rock club happy.

imgres-1This year, one of those bands will be headlining the ninth annual P.B. Scott’s Reunion Party scheduled for May 3 at Canyons in Blowing Rock.

“Back in the heyday, we would book Brice Street for three days at a time on the weekends and we always had tremendous crowds when they played,” said Randy Kelly who organizes the event, and was events manager at P.B. Scott’s.

“They put it away for a while, and a year or two ago they decided to come back. It was a no-brainer. When we heard that they had reformed we reached out to them immediately. They really bring back memories for anyone who went to P.B. Scott’s.”

Founding members Jack Atchison (drums and lead vocals) and Doug Dennis (vocals and bass) are joined by Jack King (guitar and vocals) to create an abbreviated version of the original Brice Street band. 

North Carolina’s legendary Brice Street Band rocks on as a trio! Founding members Jack Atchison (drums and lead vocals) and Doug Dennis (bass and vocals) are joined by Jack King (guitar and vocals). Brice Street brings an eclectic list of popular songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Loud music, national acts, fun times and huge crowds were the trademark of the once legendary venue at P.B. Scott’s. More  than 25 years after the establishment, which hosted national acts on a regular basis, closed its doors forever in 1983, those who once grooved all night long still long for the experience once again.  

“Back then, we didn’t watch cable,” Kelly said. “People went out for entertainment and supported live music. This is just a way that we get everyone back together again to relive those memories and have a great time.”

And to sweeten the deal, several area hotels have created very special deals for those attending the event.

“A lot of people who have come to several reunions but may have missed a few will definitely be planning to make this one,” Kelly said. “Several Blowing Rock Hotels are offering reduced rates for this event including the Blowing Rock Inn, The Meadowbrook Inn and Alpine Acres.” 

While there are sure to be many familiar faces at the event which boasted over 200 guests for previous reunions, those who never got a chance to enjoy the excitement of this legendary club are invited to come out and get a taste of what it was like.

Canyons is located at 8960 Valley Blvd. in Blowing Rock. For more information, call 828-295-7661 or visit canyonsbr.com.