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Bread of Life Meal Team Food Delivery Options

Thank you for your service and support of the Bread of Life Community Kitchen at Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina. We care deeply about your safety, always, but most especially during these unprecedented times.

Executive Director Tina B. Krause is in consistent communication with AppHealthCare and we are following the county-wide protocols put in place by them. We continue to follow the lead and directives of AppHealthCare and Governor Roy Cooper as they come. It is important to note that no one here has tested positive for COVID-19.

As you know, we operate 24 hours a day, serving three meals a day, and do not have the luxury of closing. We rely on you and still need your help. We still need food.

Stay-at-Home Executive Order No. 121, ordering North Carolinians to remain in their homes except for essential services, essential work and essential activities, takes effect Monday March 30th at 5pm.

Please note that:

  • Individuals (and families) experiencing homelessness are exempt from this order but are strongly urged to obtain shelter that meets Social Distancing Requirements.
  • Individuals (and families) whose residences are unsafe or become unsafe, such as victims of domestic violence, are permitted and urged to leave their home and stay at a safe, alternative location.
  • All services provided by Hospitality House are considered “Essential Services.”
  • All Hospitality House staff are considered as having “Essential Jobs.”
  • Hospitality House volunteers are permitted to leave their residence as they are “Volunteering for Essential Services.”

Although the Stay-at-Home order doesn’t prohibit volunteers from preparing and delivering food, we want each of you to do what you feel is in your own best interest. To that end, we have prepared a list of local restaurants (SEE ATTACHED) that will work with our volunteer meal teams to prepare and deliver dinner meals to Hospitality House. Each of these restaurants are committed to working within a reasonable budget to provide 100 – 125 meals.

The food should be prepared / delivered family-style as usual. Food does not have to be divided into individual servings by the restaurant or meal team volunteers. Our staff will continue to individually plate the meals in the kitchen and serve them in takeout containers and/or disposable plates.

If your meal team plans to use this local restaurant option, please plan ahead and to give the restaurant ample time – a minimum of 48 hours. It is important to note that your team will provide the budget and your team leader will communicate with the local restaurant to select available menu options and plan delivery.

Also, please email or text Director of Development Todd Carter todd@hosphouse.org / (949) 632-2584 to let him know the day and time of restaurant delivery. Food Service Coordinator Keith Nelsen, the only paid staff member for the kitchen and food pantry, is packing food boxes and cooking almost non-stop, so please direct questions and inquiries to Todd.

The protocol for delivery remains the same. We’ve set up a table outside the loading dock to allow for meal drop-off without you having to enter the building. Prior to or immediately after delivering the food, please call the front desk (828) 264-1237 ext. 0 and let them know that you are leaving food on the outside back table.

Finally, if you know of a local restaurant that would like to be added to the list, please have them email Todd. We really want to do all that we can to not only continue feeding our hungry neighbors, but supporting our local businesses.

For the latest updates and ways to help please visit HospHouse.org/covid19 and follow us on social media — Facebook / Instagram: @hosphouse; Twitter @HospHouseNWNC

Thank you for all that you do to support Hospitality House. 


Todd Carter

Director of Development

828.264.1237 ext. 6


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