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BRAHM Opens ‘La Cultura Cubana: Through the Eyes of Appalachia’ Exhibit; Runs Through Jan. 17

By Madison Fisler Lewis

Dec. 12, 2014. Each year, Appalachian State University professor Scott Ludwig brings a group of ASU art undergraduate students on an educational experience trip to Cuba, where the students learn about the culture and the art that is endemic to the island nation. After the trip, students return inspired by what they have seen, and go on to create new artwork from their experiences.

The artwork that is created is a “response to the international travel experience” that the students had during their trip to Cuba, and that same artwork is currently being displayed at the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum in an exhibit titled “La Cultura Cubana: Through the Eyes of Appalachia.”

“All of the pieces are based in photography and printmaking techniques,” said Dianna Loughlin, exhibits manager at the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum.

“That is primarily what Scott Ludwig teaches. When the students went to Cuba, a lot of them brought cameras and that is where a lot of the pieces came from.”

The twelve exhibiting artists are as follows:

  • Kenna Cupp
  • Anne Dugger
  • Rachel Hallinan
  • Mindy Hawes
  • Kristina key
  • Leah Solita Mangum
  • John Morse
  • Nick Osetek
  • Allison Rodriguez
  • Charles M. Shuford
  • Josie Varela
  • Ethan Woodring

“We have 51 works on display, some of which are photographs and others were created using a wide variety of printmaking techniques,” Loughlin said.

“Works are for sale by the artists, and the museum will not be collecting a commission.”

Anyone interested in purchasing any of the works on display may contact Loughlin at diana@blowingrockmuseum.org.

Photos by Dianna Loughlin