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Boone Town Council To Hear Maintenance Concerns For Daniel Boone Park, ‘Horn in the West’ Home Tomorrow

By Mark S. Kenna

Oct. 14, 2013. Boone Town Council will hear the maintenance list for the Daniel Boone Park property tomorrow night during its monthly meeting.

The tentative cost for repairs right now, not including labor costs, is $2,500 an amount that includes maintenance on both high priority and standard priority maintenance items. Costs for immediate needs were not included in the list compiled in the council meeting’s packet. 

Other areas of maintenance fall under the standard priority, which includes the installation of grab bars on an approximated 280 feet of handrail, the replacement or repair of step lighting and the repair of loose rock steps.

However this list does not include the cost for the removal of trees or the cost of bringing in a structural engineer for structural issues like the roof on the pit, an upper section of back drop wall and the removal or replacement of the wall stage left.

Also included in the list are repairs to the rear stage wall catwalk — a cost that has not been estimated yet.

Daniel Boone Park houses the 2,500-seat amphitheatre that houses the “Horn in the West” drama through the summer months. The Horn in the West amphitheatre was built in 1952 on 35 acres that includes a tree-covered ravine and an amphitheater built into the landscape.

See previous article where the Cultural Resources Board discusses these issues and more last week.

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