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Boone Town Council To Hold Two Special Meetings at Boone United Methodist Church in Next Two Weeks

By Jesse Wood

July 17, 2014. The Boone Town Council will hold two special meetings in closed session on Tuesday, July 22, and Monday, July 28, at the Boone United Methodist Church on New Market Boulevard. Both meetings start at 7:30 a.m.

According to notices from the town, the purpose of the meeting is to “consider the qualification and conditions of initial employment of a prospective employee.”

The Boone Town Council is currently in the process of weeding out candidates for the town manager position.

Town Manager Greg Young intended to retire Jan. 31, 2014, at which time he was eligible to receive full retirement pay through the N.C. Local Government Retired System, according to a contract extension that the Boone Town Council approved in December.

The agreement noted that the Boone Town Council requested Young to delay his retirement until the end of 2014 “in light of the many important matters facing the Town of Boone at this time, for which the town council desires the expertise of employee, and the town council further wishing to undertake a methodical and comprehensive search and hiring process to replace employee.”

Young’s salary during his last year on the job is $160,000, which is substantially higher than his previous salary of $124,987, which also included benefits. The agreement mentioned that this raise is an attempt to “make employee whole” by supplementing his salary during the extension in recognition of his ability – if he had retired – to draw retirement while pursuing part-time work.

Earlier in the year, the Boone Town Council approved a contract with Springsted Inc., a public-sector advisory firm that specializes in executive searches

The Boone Town Council is expected to announce its new town manager in August or September, according to Mayor Andy Ball earlier this month.


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