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Boone Council Releases Tentative Agenda for Thursday, Rezoning, Booting, Goals for Cultural Resource Board

By Jesse Wood

Aug. 15, 2014. The Boone Town Council has released its tentative agenda for council meetings next week.

On Monday, the council will set the agenda, and then on Thursday, Aug. 21, it will meet at 5:30 p.m. to discuss a variety of issues.

Agenda items include hearing a request for support of the annual Boone Heritage Festival; establish goals for the Cultural Resources Board and further discuss towing and booting issues in downtown Boone. Following the “public relations nightmare” regarding the booting of vehicles in a parking lot in downtown Boone, the Boone Town Council continues to discuss resolutions on this matter.

In July, the council required that signs two to four square feet in size be posted ten feet from the street on each side of an entrance. The signs are to be labeled whether or not the lot is private, fee charges for immobilizing the vehicles. Attendants monitoring the lot are also required to verbally warn violators, within reason, before walking out of the lot towards their destination. In addition, those attendants must undergo a criminal background check when applying for an ID badge to monitor lots.

Council will also hear a zoning request for two parcels on King Street. The properties in question – a vacant lot owned by First Baptist Church and a house owned by Hospitality House – are currently zoned B-2 neighborhood business. The owners are requesting the parcels to be rezoned as B-1 central business. Read more about this matter here.

Peruse the entire agenda below: