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Boone Town Council To Meet Thursday Night

By Jesse Wood

With snowfall not expected to return until midnight, the Boone Town Council is still planning on meeting Thursday, Jan. 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers located on Blowing Rock Road.

You can view the meeting agenda and packet here.

Below is a preview of what the council members will discuss.

  • The Boone Town Council will hold a public hearing and a proposed ordinance as been drafted to designate the Downtown Boone Post Office as a local historic landmark.
  • Representatives of Combs, Tennant and Carpenter, PC will present the Town of Boone’s 2014-15 fiscal year annual audit.
  • Resolution for council’s support of the carbon fee and dividend federal legislation proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Request for adoption of rules of procedures for the Historic Preservation Commission and general design principles and guidelines for historic landmarks and districts designated by the Town of Boone.
  • Approval of Southern Appalachian Historical Association (SAHA) release for 2016.
  • Consideration of cases heard at the Jan. 6 special public hearing: University Outlook Conditional District Zoning Map Amendment and Appendix B Revised Plant List – UDO Text Amendment.
  • Discussion of 2013 Housing Analysis study, which noted that student housing was overbuilt and this oversupply would continue to increase.