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Boone Town Council Holding Special Meeting on April 10 to Discuss Previous Agenda Items

The Boone Town Council will be holding a special meeting on Wednesday, April 10 to wrap up the agenda items from the meeting held on Thursday, March 21. With all of the discussion and public comments involving the Highway 105 Superstreet Project, the agenda had to be altered due to meeting length. 

The special meeting will happen at 9 a.m. at the town council chambers located at 1500 Blowing Rock Road. 

No timetable has been given by the Town of Boone for when the Highway 105 project will be back on the town council agenda. 

Items remaining on the agenda are as follows:

1. Consideration of Case PL01817-0823 UDO Text Amendment

2. Consideration of Committee Charge for Sustainability, Economics & Environment Committee

3. Proposed UDO Amendment relating to the process for public hearing and deliberation on UDO Amendments and Conditional District Conditions.

4. Possible direction to town manager regarding the development of “Resiliency Plan”

5. Request to clarify town goals – Climate Neutrality and Renewable Energy

6. Request to consider incentives to town departments regarding the use of fossil fuels

7. Invite grocery store representatives to solicit ideas on reducing the use of plastic bags

8. Consideration of press release policy to address climate change

9. Instruct town attorney to prepare a draft ordinance to address bike sharing

10. Junaluska Road update