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Boone Town Council Approves of Raleigh Conservator David Goist To Preserve Historic Post Office Mural

An image of the mural. Photo by Jesse Wood
An image of the mural. Photo by Jesse Wood

By Mark S. Kenna

Nov. 22, 2013. Boone Town Council approved hiring Raleigh-based conservationist David Goist to preserve the Daniel Boone mural on the interior of the newly-renovated historic down town post office Thursday night.

“We got the construction work out of the way,” Randy Jones, architect, said.  “Now is the time to concentrate on finishing that out. I think that’s going to be a finishing touch in the lobby there.”

Town Manager Greg Young directed Jones to look at different conservators proposal prices.

Jones presented two different conservators for the project.  David Goist from Raleigh and Catherine Rodger, a conservator from Charleston, S.C.

“Both are well experienced and qualified to provide conservation work for the mural,” Jones said.

Both proposals include an examination report summary, an updated condition report, recommended treatments cost estimate and qualifications.

Jones highlighted the differences of each proposal.

The Rodgers proposal included the installation of a protective varnish over the top of the mural something that the Goist proposal did not recommend.  Goist speculated that the original artist wanted a matte finish. Jones agreed with Goist that the varnish would give the mural a sheen.

The Rodgers proposal is estimated at $18,100 dollars with an additional $6,000 dollars for removal of the existing varnish layer. The price of the Goist proposal is $8,610.

The addition of a protective varnish added an extra day to the Rodgers proposal.  There would also be two conservators working on the mural unlike the Goist proposal, in which Goist would do the conservation work.

Goist’s proposal also included covering the floor, the newly painted walls and the wood work with polyethylene something that was not included by Rodgers.

Jennifer Cathy, a state preservationist in Asheville, said that Goist was well qualified, Jones added.

Goist did the first report of the mural as per the recommendations of former Historic Preservation Commission member Chuck Watkins; however, budget issues stifled the preservation work of the mural.

“I’m encouraged that Dr. Watkins thought enough of this person to invite him to do that,” Councilman Rennie Brantz said.

Along with the exterior elevations, mail boxes and lobby, the mural is also a historic element of the post office. A conservationist has never treated the mural.