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Boone Town Council Approves CRAB Recommendation For Daniel Boone Park; Starting With Amphitheater

By Mark S. Kenna

Jan. 22, 2014. Tuesday night Boone Town Council approved the Cultural Resource Advisory Board’s (CRAB) recommendation of a master plan to renovate Daniel Boone Park.

The master plan “represents a vision of how the park could be developed in such a way as to preserve existing cultural programs, while creating new and expanded opportunities,” according to an agenda item request form submitted on Jan. 8, 2014.

“This is the next step after we went through a very rigorous planning session with the Halback Plan,” Mayor Pro-Tem Rennie Brantz said.

This is a good step forward for Boone, Town Council and CRAB to set priorities, Brantz said, adding that the amphitheater is the top priority. 

Town Council Member Quint David asked if these development plans are included in budgetary line items.

Greg Young Town manager responded that there are no budgetary line items for the “Horn in the West” for a few years, for which money was allocated for structural and electrical repairs in regards to safety concerns.

In a January meeting, CRAB approved a master plan developed by Marquis Halback, Inc.  As a part of the recommendation, each part of the plan would be subject to revision “in light of logistical, economic, and other factors,” according to the agenda item action request form.

Boone Town Council agreed to look more into the specifics of the plan during their annual retreat on March 4, 2014, at 9 a.m. in Council Chambers.