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Boone Police, SBI Agent Interview Person About ICAC Case, Take Subject into Emergency Protective Custody

On Nov. 17, 2017, at approximately 11:22 a.m., a Boone Police Investigator and a North Carolina SBI Special Agent were following up at a private residence about an Internet Crimes Against Children, ICAC, case, when the person being interviewed started to make statements indicative of an intent to harm himself.

The investigators determined it was best if they took the subject into emergency protective custody. As they attempted to do this, the subject produced a handgun and attempted to harm himself. The subject had to be forcible subdued to prevent him from harming himself.

The subject suffered a laceration to the head and was transported to the Watauga Medical Center Emergency Department for treatment and to be evaluated for the Involuntary Commitment Order. Thankfully the officers sustained only minor scrapes and scratches during this incident.