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Boone Police Launch New Initiative to Streamline Noise Violation Responses

The Boone Police Department has launched a new initiative to address and streamline responses to noise violations in residential areas of the Town. Residents may now visit the Town of Boone Police Department website to register an event they are hosting at their specific address. If a call is received reporting a noise violation, a courtesy call will be placed to the contact persons provided in the event registration. If the hosts feel they can adequately address the complaint and stop the noise violation, uniformed officers will not respond. Uniformed officers will respond if requested to do so by the hosts or if another noise violation complaint is received.

The Boone Police Department’s hope is that by offering this option, residents can manage their own functions without the need for police intervention. This will also reduce the number of people our officers interact with during the COVID-19 pandemic increasing safety for officers and the public alike.

Steps to register an event:
 Visit www.boonepolice.com;
 Click the “Register Your Event Here!!!” link to open the event form;
 Complete the event registration form and click the submit button.

The registration process is only applicable to noise violation complaints in residential areas; it does not affect commercial occupancies. Likewise, it does not change the Boone Police Department’s response protocols for other types of complaints. Residents are still bound to abide by the Town of Boone Noise Ordinance and may review it here.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, North Carolina Executive Orders currently state people may gather together for social purposes, so long as they do not exceed the mass gathering limit of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. People are strongly encouraged to follow the Three Ws (Wear a face covering, Wash hands, and Wait six feet apart from others), and should avoid congregating in groups.