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Boone Native Myke Holmes Stars in Mile 22 Alongside Actor John Malkovich

This photo was gleamed from Myke Holmes’ Website.

Myke Holmes of Boone is acting alongside John Malkovich, Mark Wahlberg, and Ronda Rousey in the upcoming film “Mile 22.” In this action film, an American Intelligence officer alongside his tactical command unit attempt to capture a police officer with confidential information to airport that is 22 miles away. The film’s release date will be announced shortly.

In a recent interview with WETC Holmes stated,“What an extraordinary way to start off 2018! I got to spend four long days with this powerhouse of an actor, John Malkovich. We chatted, chilled, and acted together. Yes, I got to act with a genius I’ve been watching my whole life! I even told him the story about when I was in college at UNCW and had to do a scene from Sam Shepard’s “True West” for my acting class. I was totally unprepared so I watched the video taped recording of him and Gary Sinise doing the same scene. I watched it over and over until I had the scene down. Nevertheless, my acting teacher, Dr. Renee Vincent, didn’t see it the same way. She wasn’t having any of that crap. She let me have it. One of the best lessons I ever learned… Do the work. Do your own work.”

Myke Holmes’ career has taken flight in the acting world. The local actor has performed on the sets of The Walking Dead (2016), House of Cards (2016), War Room (2015), The Longest Ride (2015), One Tree Hill (2004-2011) among several other roles.

Holmes first television debut was during his undergraduate career at UNCW. He performed as the school mascot, which is a Seahawk.

Holmes earned his Bachelor of the Arts in Theater in Theater from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Northern Illinois University, and he studied at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia.

Holmes currently teaches in the Theatre Department at UNCW.