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Boone Fire Receives New Insurance Ratings; Now Second Best Level For Inside Town Limits

On July 20, 2020 the Boone Fire Department received a Public Protection Class (PPC) evaluation conducted by the NC State Fire Marshal’s Office. As a result of this evaluation, the Insurance Service Office (ISO) improved the Boone Fire Department’s PPC inside the Town of Boone to a PPC 2! The Department’s PPC in the rural district also improved to a PPC 3!

These PPC evaluations are conducted nationwide on over 50,000 fire departments and are used to set local insurance rates. The rating system ranks from a 1 to 10. A PPC 1 reflects a superior rating while a PPC 10 indicates the department doesn’t meet established standards. Lower PPC ratings reflects the fire department’s ability to suppress a fire. The PPC rating has a direct impact on fire insurance rates for both homeowners and commercial properties within each district.

The Boone Fire Department’s PPC 2 rating ranks the department within the top 5% of all fire departments nationwide! The department’s personnel are extremely proud of both the PPC 2 and the PPC 3 ratings!

Working towards the PPC 2 and the PPC 3 requires good planning and a lot of work by departmental personnel. Reaching these advanced PPC ratings requires a team approach with leaders and outside agency partners. The Boone Fire Department would like to recognize the following agencies for their support and assistance: The Boone Town Council, Town Manager, the Boone Rural Fire Board, Watauga County Commissioners, Watauga County Manager, Watauga County Communications/Fire Marshal’s Office, Town of Boone Communications, our mutual aid Fire Departments, the Town of Boone Water Department and the ASU Water Department.

Both ratings will become effective on February 1, 2021.