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Boone Fire Department: Be Mindful Not To Cover Fire Hydrants When Removing Snow

By Jesse Wood

As the community continues to prep for the 18 to 24 inches that is predicted to fall on the High Country, beginning on Thursday night through Saturday night, the Boone Fire Deparment is asking shop owners and snow-removal folks to be mindful and take the extra minute or two to not cover fire hydrants with snow.

Adopt_a_hydrant_Web“It’s been a problematic issue for a while,” Boone Assistant Fire Chief Mike Teague said on Thursday.

Visible fire hydrants reduce the response time during an emergency. In addition, you might as well make sure that house numbers and the numbers on your mailboxes aren’t covered with snow as well.

As another fire department noted on its webpage, “Having your address readily visible helps fire, police or ambulance crews find your home more quickly in an emergency.”