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Boone Finished 2018 With Over 93 Inches of Rainfall, the Most Ever Recorded in Town History

By Nathan Ham

Now that the wettest year in recorded history for Boone is in the books, it’s time to take a look back at just how much rain the town received.

According to data provided by Ray’s Weather Center, Boone received a grand total of 93.42 inches of rain. This rain total easily surpassed the previous record of 82.79 inches in 1979.

The year started off rather slowly with 4.77 inches of rain in January, 3.93 inches of rain in February and 4.33 inches of rain in March. After that, the rain totals really started piling up. In April, Boone had a total of 9.64 inches of rain. May was the wettest month of the year with a whopping 13.39 inches of rain, the first of five months in the year with double-digit rainfall totals.

June and July were relatively dry with 4.11 inches of rain in June and 4.36 inches of rain in July.

August, September and October provided over 32 inches of rain over that three-month span. 10.74 inches of rain fell in August, 10.77 inches of rain fell in September and 11.13 inches of rain fell in October. Of course the high rain totals in September and October were due in large part to Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael making their way through North Carolina. Hurricane Florence made landfall on September 17 at Wrightsville Beach and slowly crawled through the state. Hurricane Michael made landfall on October 10 in Mexico Beach, Florida, and then headed north through Georgia and into the Appalachian Mountains. 

The year ended with 5.96 inches of rain in November and 10.29 inches of rain in December.

In snowfall totals, Boone had 24.9 inches of snow in 2018. 

As we enter 2019, it looks like it will not take long for the rain to start up once again. A steady rainfall arrives on Wednesday night and continues off and on through Saturday morning. Some snow flurries might be possible Friday night and Saturday morning.

High temperatures will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s until Sunday when the sun comes back out and high temperatures are in the upper 50s almost reaching 60 degrees in the High Country.