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Boone Drug Celebrates 100th Anniversary on Saturday and Unveils Latest Store Logo

Corey Furman (owner and president), Jim Furman (owner) and John Stacy (owner) unveil Boone Drug’s newest logo during their 100th-anniversary celebration.

By Nathan Ham

The Town of Boone gathered together on Saturday for a special 100th-anniversary celebration of one of the longest-standing businesses in Boone.

Dr. George Kelly Moose founded Boone Drug, which first opened its doors in 1919. Since then, the family-owned business has changed hands a few times over the years. One thing has never changed, and that is the commitment to the community and its people.

The Richardson, Miller, Furman and Stacy families have all had an owner’s stake in the company at one point or another, but as owner and president Corey Furman said during the event on Saturday at the Jones House, Boone Drug has meant just as much to the community as it has its owners.

“This means so much more than just those families. Boone Drug itself is a family. Our family of Boone Drug helping to serve the other families within the community, and Boone Drug’s mission statement reads that we honor God by providing the pharmaceutical and healthcare needs for our community,” Furman said. “We just want to say thank you to all of you here to allow us, the Boone Drug family, to help take care of your family as well.

Fun Facts about Boone Drug

Boone Drug was first incorporated in 1939.

Dr. Moose sold the pharmacy to Wayne and O.K. Richardson in 1947.

Boone Drug remained in its original building until 2011. The F.A.R.M. Café now occupies the King Street location where Boone Drug used to be.

Boone Drug added a soda fountain and grill in the 1950s.

An additional dining area was added in the early 1980s and was named “Joe’s Bald Room” after Boone Drug’s fourth co-owner, Joe Miller, who became a partner in the store in 1963.

Jim Furman joined the partnership in 1967.

John Stacy joined the Boone Drug partnership in 1970.

Corey Furman is the current president of the company. 

Boone Drugs Inc. currently has 17 locations from Johnson City, Tennessee down to Charleston, South Carolina. Boone has locations on Deerfield Road, Greenway Road, New Market Centre and King Street. 

Photos by Ken Ketchie

F.A.R.M. Cafe was on hand to serve food.

Boone Drug invited several organizations to the anniversary celebration to display what they do.

The celebration took place at the Jones House across the street from the original Boone Drug location. The day was the first day that truly felt like fall in the High Country.
Various musical performers entertained guests from the front porch of the Jones House.

Jessica Welch, the marketing and advertising coordinator for Boone Drug, cuts the cake for the 100th anniversary.