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Boone Board of Adjustment Grants Old Southern States Site Variance Request, Zaxby’s Request Continued

By Jesse Wood

Dec. 6, 2013. The Boone Board of Adjustment met last night. While three cases were on the agenda, the board only heard one of the cases Thursday evening.

Zaxby’s Project Continued

Representatives of the proposed Zaxby’s restaurant project to be located along N.C. 105 Extension requested a continuance until the Board of Adjustment meets again in January, according to Brenda Henson, a staff member with the Boone Planning & Inspections. On behalf of Zaxby’s, Jim Lambert is requesting a special use permit that concerns transitional zones. To read more about the proposed Zaxby’s project, click here.

Ross Chrysler Sign Request Withdrawn

Henson said that the line item pertaining to Ross Chrysler was withdrawn. Ross Chrysler was requesting a variance to the Unified Development Ordinance to display more signs than the ordinance allows in a B-3 District. Richard Miller on behalf of Ross Chrysler was requesting to have two freestanding signs and two attached signs after Planning & Inspections staff informed Chrysler that one of the signs would have to be removed.

Old Southern States Site Variance Granted

The Boone Board of Adjustment heard a request from Harrod Construction, a developer with plans to build a mixed-use (residential/commercial) development at the old Southern States property in downtown Boone. Because Boone Creek bisects the property and the UDO states that the building footprint must be at least 50 percent of a Central Business District lot, the developer was requesting that percentage to come down to 40 percent. Alan Crees, an engineer with Municipal Engineering Services, noted that it was “impractical if not impossible to construct a building” and meet that footprint criteria for this particular lot. Henson said this request was granted after 45 minutes to one hour of discussion.

To read more about the request, click here