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Bob Meier of Doe Ridge Pottery Earns Coveted Invite to Mint Museum Potters Market Invitational Sept. 9

By Jesse Wood

Bob Meier of Doe Ridge Pottery with some of his carved ceramic pieces. Photos by Lynn Willis

Bob Meier, owner of Doe Ridge Pottery in downtown Boone, is preparing to showcase is work at the 13th annual Mint Museum Potters Market Invitational in Charlotte on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Presented by the Delhom Service League, the Ceramics Affiliate of the Mint Museum, the coveted Potters Market Invitational takes place at the Mint Museum Randolph from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Now, this isn’t just any ‘ole craft show where an artist pays a fee to set up a vending booth. No, as the title suggests, this event is an invitational. Collectors from all around will attend with the hopes of taking home remarkable, unique works from 50 of the finest potters in the state.

The “heavy hitters” in pottery from North Carolina, including Penland School of Crafts and Sea Grove, are presenting. In the invite, potters were asked to bring their very best current ceramic works – and to bring a lot of them. Works will range from traditional functional wares to contemporary sculptural works.

Meier said he’s bringing anywhere between 75 and 100 works to the invitational. He’ll be showcasing carved table lamps, large sculptural form pieces and throwing pieces with carvings, great big platters and more.

One of Bob Meier’s carved platters. Photos by Lynn Willis

“We’ll be running kilns around the clock between now and then,” Meier said.

After 45 years of participating in craft shows, Meier recently made a decision to stop attending these type of events to focus exclusively on his gallery on King Street and a handful of other galleries across North Carolina – all the while teaching at Appalachian State University. But when the invite for this event came his way, he quickly made an exception.

“For years, I’ve looked at the show and said, ‘I’d sure like to do that show, but you couldn’t just apply. You just have to wait for somebody to notice you and send an invitation,” Meier said.

More than just making money selling his creations to discerning and well-off collectors at this invitational, Meier said, professionally speaking, he’s excited to showcase his life’s work alongside some of the most successful potters in the state.

“Talk about heavy hitters from Penland and serious people down in Seagrove who’ve been making pots for years and years and years,” Meier said. “I am just proud to be in the show.”

2017 Participating Potters

Cynthia Bringle, Kyle Carpenter*, Josh Copus*, Donna Craven*, Naomi Dalglish, Jeff Dean, Will Dickert*, Susan Filley*, Carol Gentithes*, Terry Gess*, Bruce Gholson*, Samantha Henneke*, Michael Hunt, Nick Joerling*, Daniel Johnston*, Kate Johnston*, Fred Johnston*, Matt Jones*, Matthew Kelly, Michael Kline, Crystal King*, Eric Knoche*, Nancy Kubale, Leah Leitson, Will McCanless, Beth Mangum, Rob Mangum, Stephanie Martin, Andrew Massey*, Bob Meier, Robert Milnes, Reiko Miyagi*, Ben Owen III*,Bayle Owens, Pam Owens*, Travis Owens, Vernon Owens*, Gillian Parke, Joel Queen, Joseph Sand, Akira Satake*, Connie Sedberry, Ken Sedberry*, Joey Sheehan, Jenny Lou Sherburne, Barbara Strassberg, Roy Strassberg*, David Stuempfle*, Liz Zlot Summerfield*, Evelyn Ward, Jim Whalen*, Julie Wiggins

*Artists with work in The Mint collection

Attendees can save if they buy tickets online in advance (prior to September 1), at two for $20. Also, the $100 early admission sponsorship level has been renamed the Patrons Early Admission Ticket. Sponsorships are available for early entry on Saturday and the Friday night “Potters Party.” More information, including individual and corporate sponsorships can be found below or please contact us at delhomserviceleague@gmail.com / 704.337.2000. 

Tickets include admission to the Mint Museum Randolph and Mint Museum Uptown and free parking. The event also has clay demonstrations, popup café and live music.

For more information, contact delhomserviceleague@gmail.com or call 704-337-2000. To purchase tickets or become a sponsor, CLICK HERE. Also check out related social media:





Photos by Lynn Willis
Photos by Lynn Willis
Bob Meier turns a pot on the wheel. Photos by Lynn Willis
Bob Meier carves one of his form pieces. Photos by Lynn Willis